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WooBoard allows administrators to send important announcements to employees which are pinned to the top of the feed for maximum visibility. 

Key Features

  • Only account admins can send announcements.
  • You can set the announcements to appear in the future by setting the appropriate "Publish Start Date".
  • An announcement can be sent to all employees, or it can be restricted to one or more teams.

  • You can add either an image or a video to the announcement. Videos must be uploaded first to either YouTube or Vimeo, then you simply enter the URL.

  • Once a user has read the announcement they can then dismiss it from the top of their feed.

  •  All users can view a full list of their previous announcements by clicking the settings cog and choosing "Announcements" from the menu.

 How To Create a New Announcement

  • Login to WooBoard as an administrator
  • Click on the settings cog and choose "Account Settings"
  • On the next screen, click on "Announcements" in the left menu
  • Click "Add New Announcement" and fill out the form
  • Click "Save"

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