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Rewards User Guide

Please note: the WooBoard rewards platform is an optional add-on. Only your account administrator can enable the rewards platform. 

How To Tell If Rewards Are Enabled?

If rewards have been activated on your account, you will see the rewards panel at the top of the right sidebar on the Home page on the desktop version of WooBoard (unfortunately rewards are not accessible on the mobile app currently).

If you can't see it, rewards are not enabled on your account.

Rewards Overview

Here is how the reward functionality works:

  • You earn points for interacting on WooBoard e.g. for sending Woos, liking and commenting on posts.
  • Those points are then converted into a monetary amount inside the platform. The conversion rate is set by your account administrator.
  • You can then use the money you earn to redeem rewards directly inside WooBoard.

How Many Points Do I Need To Earn Rewards?

Take a look at the rewards panel on the right sidebar on the Home page. You will see a "Points Target". 

If you reach the Points Target every week for a whole month,  you will receive the maximum monthly monetary reward amount, as allocated by your administrator.  

If you earn some points each week but you do not reach the target, you will still receive a pro-rata amount of money for the points you earned. 

How To Redeem An Reward

  • Navigate to the Home page on WooBoard.
  • Click the "Gift Shop" button in the rewards panel in the right sidebar.
  • You will see your "Rewards Balance" in the left sidebar - this is how much you're able to spend.
  • Search for a reward that you like, then click on it and follow the prompts.

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