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Email template: rolling out to your employees

Here is an email template to help you rollout WooBoard to your employees. 


  • There are 3 parts of the email in brackets [LIKE THIS] where you need to customize the information.
  • There are 2 links which may not copy and paste into your email editor properly so please ensure you double check them before sending the email.

Hi All,

As part of ensuring that [COMPANY NAME] is a great place to work, we are implementing a peer recognition platform called WooBoard.

WooBoard is a social platform where you can recognise and celebrate all the great things happening in our organisation. You can send recognition to your peers, and like and comment on other people's posts.

What is a Woo?

On WooBoard, the word “Woo” symbolises a win or a celebration. Think Homer Simpson and his cry of “Woo Hoo!” when something good happens. When you send a Woo you are publicly recognising your colleagues for their efforts.

Why should we send each other recognition?

We all like to be recognised - it shows that others notice and care about our contribution. Recognising others fosters goodwill and cooperation, and also helps us all to feel good about going to work each day.


How To Get Onboard

  • Visit https://[YOUR DOMAIN] 
  • Click "JOIN WOOBOARD" and follow the prompts

So please get involved and help make [COMPANY NAME] a great place to work!

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