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What is WooBoard?

WooBoard is a social platform where you can recognise and celebrate all the great things happening in your company. You can send recognition to your peers, and like and comment on other people's posts.

What is a Woo?

On WooBoard, the word “Woo” symbolises a win or a celebration. Think Homer Simpson and his cry of “Woo Hoo!” when something good happens. When you send a Woo you are publicly recognising one of your colleagues for their efforts.

Why should I Woo?

Here are a few reasons why recognition is great for your workplace:

  • It shows that others notice and care about your contribution
  • Fosters goodwill and cooperation
  • Assists us in overcoming differences
  • Enables us to boost the well-being of those around us
  • Improves team communication and culture
  • It makes us all feel good!

When should I Woo?

Anytime you want to recognize someone's efforts. This could be to...

  • Thank someone for helping you out
  • Provide encouragement for a colleague who is putting in a lot of effort
  • Acknowledge someone for doing great work
  • Celebrate an outstanding performance in a task or project

How do I sign up to my company's WooBoard account?

Your WooBoard account administrator will send you a sign up link. Simply click on it and follow the prompts to join, its super easy!

How do I send a Woo?

Step 1

  • Once you're logged in, you'll see the activity feed on the Home screen
  • Click on the "Send a Woo"button at the top of the feed, enter a colleagues' name and add them to your Woo

Step 2

  • Enter your message and click send - that's it!
  • You can also upload an image, as well as tag company values (if your administrator has set them up)

How do I earn points and badges?

Points and badges are awarded on WooBoard for a range of different interactions and achievements.  Here are some of the ways you can earn points:

Receive a Woo   100
Send a Woo 50
Post a Status update 50
Post a comment  10
Receive a like on your status update 10
Receive a like on a Woo you received  10
For every value you receive on a Woo 10
Give a like 7
Receive a like on a Woo you sent 3
Earn a badge 50 - 200

Click to see the full list of points events

Click to see the full list of badges

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