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Configuring Your Account Settings

This article will assist you if you are tasked with setting up a WooBoard account for your organization.

If you haven't already done so already, you will need to register a new WooBoard account at this URL: Follow the prompts to create the account. 

Once your account is created and you have been logged in, click on the settings cog in the right side of the menu bar at the top of the page and then select "Account Settings" from the dropdown. NOTE: only account administrators can see the Account Settings option in the dropdown menu, so if you can't see this then you will need to ask your account administrator to give you admin rights.

There are a range of different tabs which contain different settings. We will run through these now.

Name and Details

  • Account Name: this appears in the menu bar in your account, and will also appear in various other places, including email notification. This is usually the name of your company or organisation.
  • Account Target Score: this is the amount of points you would like your employees to aim to reach each week. This figure is displayed in the left sidebar on the Home page. When the account target score is reached, the user can unlock bonus points. This is just another way we use to "gamify" WooBoard to encourage greater participation. If you're not sure what figure to put here, just stick with the default of 500 for now and you can always change it later.

Company Values

Company values are philosophies or principles that guide an organization's internal conduct as well as its relationship with its customers, partners, and shareholders.

By adding company values to your account, your employees can then tag them when they send messages of recognition. This helps your organization measure how well your employees are living up to your values.

Once you've added your values you will then see them appear in the pop up when you click on the "Send Woo" button on the Home page.

Whitelisted Emails 

As a security feature, you can limit access to your account to only those with specific email domains. 

For example your email address might be, so you could whitelist "" to allow all your colleagues using that email domain to join you account

You can enter as many individual email domains as you like. If you wish to allow any email domain to join, simply tick the "Allow colleagues with any email domain to join the account" checkbox.


Note: if you are were existing WooBoard customer prior to March 2018, there is no need to change your billing details - your billing will carry over from your old account.

For accounts opened after March 2018, please enter a valid credit card to pay for your WooBoard monthly subscription.


In order to add your own branding to your account, you can do the following:

  • Upload your own custom banner, by clicking the Choose File button and following the prompts. Please note you are most welcome to use the default banner that is visible when you first create the account.
  • Set the color of the top navigation menu, as well as the text that appears on the menu (Primary and Primary Text settings)
  • Set the color of the buttons, as well as the text that appears on the button (Secondary and Secondary Text settings).

Remember to click the "Save" button in order for your changes to take affect.


The WooBoard integrated rewards platform allows your employees to redeem their points for popular gift cards or charitable donations. This functionality is completely optional, and does come at an additional cost over and above your WooBoard subscription.

If Rewards are enabled, the points earned by your employees will be converted into a dollar value (at a rate that you set), which can then be redeemed for gift cards within the WooBoard platform. 

For more information about setting up Rewards for your employees, please read this in depth support article

Managing Demo Data

Every new account contains demo data. This allows you to see what a working WooBoard account would look like without any effort. The demo data can be deleted at any time. 

If you cannot see the "Manage Demo Data" tab, then the data has already been deleted and no action is necessary.

If you can view the tab you will see there is a button which can be clicked to delete the data. Once deleted, it cannot be undone.

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